Ch. Golden Star's It's Show Time
No.2 Pomeranians 2010
Breed points system


Lion is a great mover with heavy coat.
I fell in love with his movement at the first time I saw him
at Impact 2009 June.
At that time Lion was owned by
Mr. Add of Discovery Pomeranian.
I did not hesitate to tell Mr.Add that
I want to be new owner of Lion.
And in the next day, Mr. Add allowed Lion to stay with me.

Lion was shown by his owner/handler to finish his
Thai championship in February 2010.
They continued their showing until December 2010.
Lion was
No.2 Pomeranians
in Thailand for 2010
(breed points system)

Lion was the last breeding of Am.Ch.Dominic Of Lenette.
I wish to get his great characteristic in Moragn's Pomeranian.

Good four legs
Reach & Drive Movement
Short Back
Good coat
Good temperament.

Show clips

Many thanks to Mr. Add of Discovery Pomeranians
for allowing Lion to stay with me.
And Mr. Anake of Golden Star Pomeranians
for breeding many good Pomeranians for me.

2010 Show Records

9th AST All Breed Dog Show Dec.05,2010
7thSPCT All Breed Dog Show Nov.21,2010
10thTHRC All Breed Dog Show Sep05,2010
Group 5 Specialty Sep.04,2010
Pomeranian Specialty  June 12,2010
1st TLRC All Breed Dog Show April 10-11,2010
10th TDCTH All Breed Dog Show March 27,2010
Pomeranian Specialty  March 27,2010
8th TCTH All Breed Dog Show February 07,2010

2009 Show Records
7th BGCT All Breed Dog Show December 06,2009
Group 5 Specialty Dog Show December 06,2009


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